Caribou Realty Group LLC Is The Expert In Condo Sales



Purchasing a condominium is not only an investment in the unit, but in the owner's association as well. You need a representative that understands how they operate in order to help you make a financially sound decision. 



Condominium Association Governing Documents

Each owner's association follows guidelines presented in their articles of incorporation, by-laws, and rules & regulations. Understanding these documents allows us to paint a picture of what your life will be like within your potential new community. Are pets allowed? Could I screen in my patio? Questions like these need answers before signing on the dotted line. When marketing a condo, we assemble a complete disclosure packet to ensure potential buyers are informed and ready to write an offer.


Understanding Condominium Financials

One of the biggest fears when buying into a condominium association is the risk of a special assessment. These assessments are charges approved by the board of directors that are outside of the normal dues structure. More times than not, these assessments are caused by poor financial planning. We dig into financials dating back 5+ years to ensure the community has been managing dues income responsibly. This paves the way to fund captial projects without assessing the owner population tens of thousands of dollars.


Proven Owner's Association Consulting  

Our sister company, Caribou Property Management, has a specialized owners association management division. Their team actively manages a majority market share of condominium units across the southern Wisconsin area. Each client looking to buy or sell a condominium receives the full benefits and knowledge of this division. This paired with the expertise of our real estate team is a combination no other service provider can supply. 

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