Caribou Realty Group, LLC was formed to help people with their real estate pursuits.  Over the years, our leaders have frequently been consulted on evaluating Real Estate sales and purchases, developing algorithms to help understand the market.  Instead of just serving as an advisory role, we developed our Realty Group to manage through the entire process.  

Caribou’s experience in the investment real estate and owner's association space allows a unique paring of knowledge that creates value for our clients.  Our agents have access to a multitude of human capital that can serve as subject matter experts, as well as the latest digital tools and statistical data, in evaluating the sale and purchase of a property.  Purchasing or selling a rental property requires careful evaluation of income potential, expenses, and leverage.  Our rental property arm, Caribou Property Management, has an experienced staff that are in this space each and every day.  This knowledge allows insight and recognition of trends, and because of this, we have helped many people purchase performing properties and equally important, stay clear of what simply would not be a solid investment.

When Buying or Selling your Condominium, there are many things above a normal real estate transaction that need to be considered. When selling a condo, Caribou can help identify the strengths, not only of just the individual property but that of the association. Additionally we are able to help guide the purchase of a condo, making sure there is and understanding of the health of the association and future of the market.    

All agents within the Caribou Realty Group are dedicated to your individual experience and endeavors.


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